Thought for the month

My first blog. I haven’t yet read any guidance on writing successful blogs, but I am sticking with the advice of Tim Kidson when he advises a good blog has to: have a point; tell a story and have an application.

 So. Where to begin. Running a photography business is one of the best things I have ever done in my life (except my two kids and managing to get to 35 years old in one piece, with long standing friendships and a husband still in place). I don’t think careers get any better than being able to do something you love AND get paid for it. I have met so many fabulous people through my photography business and I love variety the job brings into my life. Being a photographer is something I don’t have to try very hard at, as I find shots naturally presenting themselves throughout the day. I find good photography doesn’t need to orchestrated or fabricated but just appear as and when people are relaxing and enjoying themselves.

 I love the possibility of photography and find as I am just about to charge my cameras and flash for photographing a wedding at Coombe Abbey tomorrow (as a second with Meith Associates), my excitement levels rise and my anticipation of a great day photographing build. I love this job!


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